GQ 211: Marketing Secrets, Create Lifetime Customers

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GQ 211: Marketing Secrets, Create Lifetime Customers
Greatness Quest - Season 2
In this interview, Trevor Crane uncovers how Suresh May went from broke and struggling to feed his 5 year old son, 13 months ago, to becoming a #1 Best Selling Author, and participating in a 7 day online product launch that generated over $1.8 Million Dollars in sales. Becoming a bestselling author changed Suresh May’s life. Instantly he was positioned as a marketing authority in the minds of his prospects, which led to prospects seeking him out instead of him having to chase them. Suresh May now regularly gets five and six figure consulting and coaching deals, speaking gigs, and the confidence and ability to get in the door of anyone he wants to meet. There are 2 Free Bonuses from this episode, go to: You’ll get a copy of the “2-Page Mentor Letter” that Suresh used to secure his first paid consulting project with one of his mentors, allowed him to befriend several of the top marketers in the world, and you’ll get a copy of his new #1 bestselling book How to Create Lifetime Customers. For more information about Suresh, go to:

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