High Paying Clients for Life: A Simple Step By Step System Proven To Sell High Ticket Products And Services

This Book Will Get You High Paying Clients for Life!

If you’ve ever wanted to have clients who were totally awesome, who paid you a bunch of money (and were grateful to do so) then you’ve come to the right place.

This book will reveal, THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL PROCESS I have ever used for myself, and my clients. It will help you sell your high-end premium products and services to people who want to buy them. Even better, it’s delivered in a simple step-by-step format for you to use immediately.

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Greatness Quest – Become Your Best: 12 Lessons To Improve The Quality Of Your Life
The Entrepreneurs Guide To Business Success: Volume 2

Greatness Quest was inspired by a letter from my grandfather.

Before he passed away, at the ripe old age of 92, my grandpa sent me a letter sharing his best memories and a list of the magic moments that made his life magnificent.

His letter inspired me and changed my life.

I hope this book inspires you… to be, do, have and give… more than you ever thought possible. It’s my free gift to you.

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Kitty Wars – The Revenge Of The Ninja Kitties

This book is based on a film that was written, and performed by an 8 year old girl and her friends who love Cats & Star Wars.

In this story, the 3 Ninja Kitties are helping the squirrels collect acorns in the woods, when they are magically transported to another dimension, when they all touch a magical golden acorn at the same time. In their new surroundings (in snowy Central Park, NYC) they meet Luke Skykitty and join forces to save Han Solo-cat and Princes Leia-pard from Jabba The Mutt, Dog Vader and an army of Imperial Dogtroopers. Using the force, light sabers, and their super-ninja skills, the 3 Ninja Kitties save the day. Finally, they are magically transported home, waking up in the woods thinking Finally, they are magically transported home, waking up in the woods thinking it was all a dream… until one of the kitties pulls out a light saber. Meow.

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What’s The Gift? One Question Can Change Your Life And Your Business
The Entrepreneurs Guide To Business Success: Volume 1

I was sick and tired of my life, my business, my girlfriend, and I was in a business where a business partner told me lies all day, so I did the same to him. I needed to get my life together. I needed something to motivate me. More specifically, I needed something to move me from this ‘stuck’ place I was in.

This book and your 30- Day Challenge will help reprogram the fundamental way you approach life, and the MEANING that you attribute to events. Let it change and improve you. There’s nothing keeping you from enjoying a full, active and happy life!

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Your Epic Book Launch: How to Write A Book, Launch Your Book into a #1 International Bestseller, Raise Your Income, Make Money Online, and Build a 6 to 7-Figure Business… Even If You Don’t Know How!

Your EPIC Book Launch gives you the exact step-by-step plan to start with an idea for a book, write your book, launch your book to become a #1 International Bestseller, get consistent leads, make money online and use high level strategies to close deals and grow a 6 to 7 figure business.

In this book, 17 #1 Bestselling Authors from around the world have come together to provide you with their best tips and strategies about book launches and growing a business. Each expert author focuses on their strengths for launching a book so that you can use their strategies for your own book launches.

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The 3 Ninja Kitties: The Legend Begins (Three Ninja Kitties)

This book is about three kitties: Allie, Patches and Bobo. The three little kitties get torn away from their mother when she gets attacked by a super-villan dog.

The kitties flee, assuming their mom was killed and in the craze of it all, the poor little kitties are separated, finding themselves in the world of the unknown all alone. Luckily, however, after wandering to unfamiliar places, each kitty cat finds a loving mouse, who takes them under their wing and raises them as their own.

Though in separate places with separate mice raising them, each kitty somehow learns super ninja skills. It must be fate–because their ninja skills are tested when once again the super-villain dog crosses their paths.

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MIND OVER MONEY MANAGEMENT: Strategies Your Financial Advisor Won’t Give You

What if everything you learned about personal finance was wrong?

Most financial advisors help you invest money you’ve already saved or invest any extra money you have left over at the end of the month. But if you’re like most people, even though you work hard and make decent money, knowing how to save money, is just as big of a problem as knowing how to manage money. Traditional financial planning and retirement planning don’t help much when you’re struggling to pay the bills or racking your brain to figure out how to get out of debt.

In this book, Robyn takes a new approach to help you attract more money and stop sabotaging your success.

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